Electronics Line card

Manufacturers Description Link
AIMTEC AC/DC and DC/DC converters and LED drivers power supplies www.aimtec.com
Advanced Printing Systems -APS Thermal printer mechanisms, controller boards https://www.aps-printers.com/
AMPIRE LCD modules - alpha-numeric monochrome xTN and graphical - monochrome xTN and color TFT www.ampire.com.tw
ANG Molded low- and midpower mains and transformers www.ang-bg.com
APEC Power MOSFETs and analog IC's http://www.a-power.com.tw
APEM Switch products - standard and customized switches, professional switch panels, LED indicators, professional joysticks https://www.apem.com
ATTEND TECHNOLOGY Manufactures various connectors including memory card sockets, PCB card sockets, I/O connectors and cable assemblies www.attend.com.tw
ATOP Industrial routers http://atoponline.com/
BERNIC Plastic and metal enclosures www.bernic.dk
BERNSTEIN Hand-tools for the electronic industry and service www.bernstein-werkzeuge.de
BOPLA Plastic and metal enclosures and membrane keypad www.bopla.de
BULTRAF Linear transformers www.bultraf.com
CML MICROCIRCUITS Аnalogue, digital and mixed signal semiconductors for telecommunication systems www.cmlmicro.com
COILS Inductive components, bobbins, coils, inductors www.ceccoils.com
CREE Power LED lamps www.cree.com
CVILUX Connectors, flat flexible cables (FFC) and etc. for electronics industry www.cvilux.com
DECA Iluminating push button switches www.deca.com.tw
DEGSON Terminals and terminal blocks with approved quality www.degson.cn
DIGILENT USA manufacturer of electronic tools, measuring equipment and development kits. https://store.digilentinc.com
EDISON LED's and LED strips www.edison-opto.com 
EEMB Llithium-ion, lithium-polymer and lithium only batteries www.eemb.com
EM MICROELECTRONICS RFID ICs, Timers, RTC, Microcontrollers, LCD driver ICs, special LCD modules and analog Ic's www.emmicroelectronic.com
ESPRESSIF Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets and solutions https://www.espressif.com/
EUROSAFT ESD protection products www.elme.it
ELETTRONICA ROSSONI Chokes and toroidal transformers www.elettronicarossoni.com 
FERROXCUBE Ferrite cores, ferrites, RFID antennas, power supply filters, flyback transformers www.ferroxcube.com
FORMERS Transformer Bobbins and Boxes www.formers.uk.com
FORMIKE LCD modules - alpha-numeric monochrome xTN and graphical - monochrome xTN and color TFT https://www.wandisplay.com
FSP GROUP Medical Power Supplies, Open Frame Industrial Power Supplies, Servers and PC PSUs, LED Drivers, Power Adapters, Line-interactive and Offline standby UPS systems, Power Banks www.fsp-group.com.tw
FUJICON Electrolytic capacitors for SMD and through hole mounting, including capacitors for standard and pulse applications www.fujicon.com
GEMALTO GSM/GPRS communication modules, with support for EDGE, HSDPA and LTE www.gemalto.com
HAMMOND MANUFACTURING Industrial enclosures, electronic enclosures, racks & rack cabinets www.hammfg.com
HARTMANN Microswitches, terminal blockd, connectors and LED indicators www.hartmann-codier.de
HITPOINT Piezo and dynamic buzzers www.hitpoint.com.tw
HONGFA Relays http://www.hongfa.com 
HOW DER Terminal blocks with approved quality www.howder-tw.com
INDEL Transformers, inductive components, power supply modules www.indel.pl
INTER SELECT Automated selective soldering machines www.myinterselect.de
INTERFLUX Soldering fluxes, solder pastes, solder wires and accessories www.interflux.com
ISKRA Electrotechnical components Capacitors, Cores, Professional Batteries, Potentiometers https://www.iskra.eu
ITECO Manufacturer of ESD equipment www.iteco.it 
JBC Soldering stations and accessories www.jbctools.com
KASCHKE Ferrite cores and inductive components www.kaschke.de
KEYSTONE Precision electronic interconnect components and hardware www.keyelco.com
KINGBRIGHT High quality light emitting diodes (LEDs) www.kingbright.com
KONTAKT CHEMIE KONTAKT CHEMIE is market leader in electronic sprays http://www.kontaktchemie.com
LEDIL Secondary optics for power LEDs www.ledil.fi
MAGTECH AC/DC and DC/DC Power LED driver modules with constant current or constant voltage output www.magtechind.com
MAXIM INTEGRATED Manufacturer analog and mixed-signal products www.maximintegrated.com
MICROCHIP A world leading manufacturer of microcontrollers www.microchip.com
MICRORISC IQRF - a complete technology for wireless connectivity based on transceiver modules with built-in operating system (OS) https://www.microrisc.com
MICROSEMI High Reliability Semiconductor Products www.microsemi.com
MINGFA TECH Manufacturer of passive heat sinks for LED lightning www.mingfatech.com
MOSCHIP Communication Ic's www.moschip.com
MOSO Programmable LED drivers with constant current (C.C.) and constant voltage (C.V.) www.mosopower.com
OLAMEF Cutting and bending machines for axial and radial components, PCB Separators, Lead forming machines, Counting machines for axial and SMD taped components www.olamefusa.com
OLIMEX Development and demo boards and programmers www.olimex.com
PACTEC Plastic enclosures www.pactecenclosures.com
PFLITSCH Wide range of cable glands and cable trunking systems www.pflitsch.de
PIHER Potentiometers and trimers www.piher.net
PTR MESSTECHNIK GMBH Terminal blocks and test pins www.ptr.eu 
QUECTEL GSM, GPS/GNSS and wireless communication modules https://www.quectel.com
Raychem RPG Aluminium enclosures http://raychemrpg.com/
Silicon Labs Leading provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world www.silabs.com
SCHURTER Fuses, fuseholders, circuit barkers, line filters, power inlets and switches www.schurter.com
SEMIKRON High power semiconductor modules www.semikron.com
SENA Bluetooth OEM modules and serial adapters, industrial device servers with Ethernet or wireless interface www.senaindustrial.com
SII Thermal printer mechanisms, LCD displays and integrated circuits www.seiko-instruments.de
SMARTEC High quality sensors www.smartec-sensors.com
SONG HUEI Slide and rotary potentiometers www.song-huei.com.tw
STAUBLI Test&Measurement connectors and accessories, connector systems for photovoltaic installations, wires and cables www.staubli.com
SUN HOLD High quality relays www.sunhold.com
SUNNY Switching AC/DC adapters, DC/DC car chargers, DC/AC inverters www.sunny-euro.com
SUNON LED Cooling Modules, Mini Fans, DC Green Fans www.sunon.com
SUPERTRONIC Plastic enclosures http://www.supertronic.com/ 
TELTONIKA Wireless routers https://teltonika.lt/
TRONEX High quality cutting tools www.tronextools.com
Ubiik Components for building LPWAN radio networks supporting a Weightless standard https://www.ubiik.com/
UNIOHM Resistive components www.uniohm.com.tw
WAGO Connectors and terminals blocks for industrial applications https://www.wago.com
WIMA Capacitors www.wima.de
WINSTAR LCD modules - alpha-numeric monochrome xTN and graphical - monochrome xTN and color TFT www.winstar.com.tw
WIZNET Manufacturer of hardware TCP/IP-stack ICs and modules for wired and wireless conection http://www.wiznet.io/
XP POWER High Performance/High Efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC converters www.xppower.com
ZETTLER ELECTRONICS Relays, transformers and contactors https://www.zettlerelectronics.com/
ZIPPY Microswitches, rocker switches and tact switches www.zippy.com
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